20 September 2007

On the needles / En curso

So far I have finished the main bodice of the V-tunic in STC Muse I pictured in a previous post. This part is knit using two strands of yarn together and the sheer effect of the lower part is achieved by working with the same needle size and only one strand of yarn.

I have also started the North Roë shawl whose pattern I bought some time ago and which, now, is very generously offered free by its designer, Dodile. She has given me permission to translate it into Spanish and publish it here. The translation is nearly finished and will be here soon. Sorry, Picovoli will still have to wait a little longer.

V Tunic

Nort Roe

SP Hasta el momento he acabado la parte principal de la túnica con escote en V de STC, que mostré en el post anterior. Esta parte va tejida con dos hebras del hilo y el efecto de transparencia del faldón se consigue utilizando agujas del mismo tamaño pero sólo una hebra.

También he comenzado el Chal North Roë cuyo patrón compré el año pasado y que ahora Dodile, su autora, muy generosamente ofrece de forma gratuita. También me ha dado permiso para traducir el patrón al español y publicarlo aquí. Estoy segura de que muchas otras tejedoras hispanoparlantes le quedarán muy agradecidas por su generosidad. El original está en inglés y francés. Ya casi he terminado con esta traducción y estará aquí muy pronto. Me temo que Picovoli todavía tenga que esperar un poco.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog, especially enjoyed the links to the Finnish patterns -- it's amazing to find out that I can understand them just by looking at the charts.
I was very interested to see that you had lengthened the Swallowtail shawl. I tried adding additional repeats of the budding flower lace, but then couldn't make the lily of the valley work. It's in a bag now, waiting for attention.
You are doing lovely work.


Knitting Morgana said...

Thank you, Trudy, for your lovely comment. It is comforting to think that somebody stops by.

Vicki said...

I have a list of 296 triangle shawl pattern links on my blog. A lot of them are free patterns.