18 September 2008

Echarpe Lavandin (English)

Here is the English translation of Dodile's Echarpe Lavandin. She has very generously granted me permission to translate and publish the pattern here. The original is in French and can be downloaded from Dodile's Free Patterns page.
The Spanish version is in the post below.

a skein of lace wool
3.5mm needles

Loosely Cast On 63 stitches.
Follow the diagram, starting with the first stitch of row 1.
Only the odd rows are represented; knit all even rows (garter stitch).
Repeat the motif as many times as desired, ending in row 21 or 41.
Then, work the last 12 rows in the diagram.
Bind off all stitches quite loosely and block.

Click on image to download a bigger graphic.

echarpe lavandin english


Paloma said...

Una pregunta, sabes si el patrón del Robin´s Egg Blue Hat, esta traducido al español (es que a diferencia de ti yo de imgles ni papa para colmo en el cole y en el insti siempre he dado francés) en algún sitio, es que te lo he visto y me encanta.

Knitting Morgana said...

Paloma, no sé si está en español. Yo publicaré pronto uno similar, por si te interesa.