12 November 2007

FO North Roë Shawl / Chal North Roë acabado

Yes, here it is: finished and beautiful. It only needs to have those yarn ends hidden, but I couldn't wait to post a picture.
I used the same yarn as for the Swallow Tail--that's why they look pretty much like each other. It is lace wool from handpaintedyarn.com knitted with 3.5mm needles. I just used under one skein as I did some more repeats of all the charts in order to use as much of the yarn as possible. There is no problem in doing as many repetitions as you like as one chart always seems to fit in the next one.

As for blocking, well, contrary to what you may think with that lacy fishbone ending, the edge pattern is straight. I blocked them very tight, but the scallops have almost disappeared.
For a better view, click on image.

North Roë Shawl
SP Bueno, ya está acabado. Ya sólo me queda esconder esos cabos que se ven por ahí sueltos. Pero no podía esperar para sacar la foto.

Usé la misma lana que para el Swallow Tail, por eso se parecen tanto el uno al otro. Era lace wool de handpaintedyarn.com con agujas del 3.5. Gasté una madeja casi entera porque hice más repeticiones de tódos los gráficos para aprovechar la lana al máximo. No hay problema con las repeticiones ya que cada gráfico encaja bien en el siguiente.

Pero en cuanto al hormado, al contrario de lo que parece con ese borde en espiga, la terminación es bastante recta. Yo lo hormé bien fuerte para marcar los picos, pero ahora ya casi han desaparecido.
Para más detalle, clica la imagen.


Dodile said...

Your North Roë is beautifull !

Cheryl in VA said...

How lovely!! It makes me think of a bright Spring Flower.

Even using blocking wires on my Emerald Isle it was tiring threading the wires in place and getting everything even. But I must admit probably not so 'butt numbing' as being on the floor with all those pins.

Your work is truly lovely.

Sandy said...

The lace shawl is so beautifull !
This is good job.