29 November 2006

Icarus finished


Well, here it is. Finished. I have finally completed my Icarus shawl and I am so pleased with myself. I have really enjoyed knitting it, which was, incidentally, my first shawl, first lace project and first blocking. I love the result so much that I have been trying it in front of the mirror the whole day: before hiding the wool ends, before blocking, after blocking, on trousers and jumper, on an overcoat... I have already started to miss the project and thought about starting the second. But I must be a sensible girl and finish other things first. I must confess I am the sort of person who starts a knitting project just for the fun of it although I set myself some 'loose' targets and I think "Well, it does not really matter if it takes me another couple of months". But then, once I have started, I begin to feel the necessity to knit quickly and see the garment finished.

These two pictures were taken before blocking. After 'blocage' it measures 180x85 cm.

Knitting Icarus has taken me about a month. I work out and look after my two-year old daughter, which leaves very little spare time. So I have been staying up late to enjoy some lonely knitting. The problem is that I have been feeling quite sleepy during the day lately.
Next projects:
- I have to finish Sofia´s cardigan for Christmas. I've hadly started it.
- I want to make a sleeveless cardi for my daughter. I have 1 1/2 balls of soft green yarn.
- I want to knit a stole or scarf in one of the leafy patterns I have been trying lately.
- I have to finish the table runner in ' punto Assissi" (cross stitch) that I showed in a previous post.


Anonymous said...

Your Icarus is beautiful! Makes me want to get on and finish mine... Congratulations!


Monika said...

Your Icarus looks fantasic! It looks bigger than in the magazine.

Sarah said...

Pretty pretty!