30 October 2006

Icarus under way

While Emma was still a baby I also gave embroidery a try. After seeing the perfectly embroidered projects in Mani di fata and its attractive visual lessons I embarked myself in a not-very-difficult cot cover. I enlarged a design with two amorous elephants that came in one of the transfer sheets of the magazine. Doing the elephants in stem stitch was ok. But the satin stitch flowers took me a long time. The result is far from perfect but quite acceptable, I believe, as a first-time embroidery project. (See photo in previous post, the one with the booties)

Incidentally, after much consideration, I have finally made up my mind as for yarn and model and started to knit Icarus Shawl in Rich Earth lace wool (skein on the right) from handpaintedyarn. The other colours are, from left to right, Dusty and Bergamota.

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