31 January 2007

Latest purchases / Últimas adquisiciones

These are the two things I have recently bought to add to my knitter's paraphernalia. I first got the skein swift from an eBay seller. When I saw it, so nicely decorated with little carnations (so Spanish a flower!) I decided to get also the 'ball egg'? the 'ball ball'? the 'ball case'? I think I like the first name better. Apart from their knitting usefulness, I find them very decorative.

SP Estos son los dos últimos objetos que he añadido a mi parafernalia tricotera. Primero, adquirí el devanador de madejas de un vendedor de ebay. Cuando lo recibí me pareció bonito, adornado con pequeños claveles -¡una flor tan española! Y decidí comprar también el huevo para ovillos. Además de su utilidad para las labores, los encuentro muy decorativos.


MJ said...

Cute swift!

Marg said...

Pretty decorated swift! I'm searching for a swift myself and am considering an Italian version that is similar to yours. I've also seen a version that is Swedish and opens like an umbrella, that clamps onto the side of the table.

I like the version that stands alone without needing to be clamped to the table. Have you used your swift yet? I'm wondering how heavy it is and if it is stable as the yarn is pulled while being wound by a ball-winder. Like, does it work well. :)

Would appreciate hearing from you on this. :)


Knitting Morgana said...

Hi, marg. My swift is not very big and not very heavy. It is ok for light work, but not very steady: it dances a bit if you want to wind fast, but it is ok if you put some weight, such as books, on it. Italian swifts may be heavier and work better.